Using your ATV for Lawn Service

If you have an ATV, you might consider a tow behind mower for your mowing needs. These mowers are unable to propel themselves and must be towed behind an ATV, UTV, or riding mower.

There are two basic kinds of tow behind mowers used for lawn service. The first one is a rough-cut mower. These are designed to cut through thick weeds and brush. They are capable of hacking through small saplings as well. The second kind is a finish cut mower. These are designed to cut grass like your typical lawnmower. They can be attached to your current garden tractor or lawn mower to increase the cutting width.

Before you decide which type of tow behind mower to purchase, you need to know the towing capacity for your ATV to ensure it can handle it.

Rough Cut Mowers

If your property is overgrown, the best way to tame it is with a rough-cut mower. These mowers are also known as trail cutters and can cut vegetation up to 3 inches in diameter using one or two cutting bars that swing around back and forth. These mowers have a powerful engine that can take out thick brush without a problem. These mowers are not for cutting grass lawns, though. If you don’t have dense brush or weeds that need to be tamed, or high grass that needs to be chop down, a rough-cut mower is not your best choice. Instead, you should consider a finish cut mower.

Finish Cut Mowers

If you need to mow a large grassy area, a finish mower, or trail mower, is your best bet. These mowers are like the typical lawnmower and include a high-powered engine located on the cutting deck. If your lawn consists of a lot of pinecones or twigs, you may require the extra engine strength from this mower.

These mowers can cut up to 5 ½ feet width and are great for lawn service. It is possible to attach the tow bar of the finish cut mower to your lawn tractor so you can increase the total cutting width by using it side-by-side. This method can significantly increase the number of acres per day you can mow. In fact, using it alongside a gang reel mower, you could potentially mow up to 32 acres in a day.


If you own an ATV, a tow behind mower is a great option to help you maintain your property. It can give you lawn service that is quick and easy.